To begin…

Faithful to his vision, Didier Maurin wanted to set up a worldwide innovative solution. The idea here is to be able to abound from 10,000 euros to an international real estate holding company to access the benefits of this asset class.

It is an international property holding company that diversifies its investments worldwide. Its main activity consists of acquiring equity in real estate subsidiaries which invest in properties generating rental income or forward capital gains. The assets are spread over several continents and consist of tourist residences, rental homes and forests.

This holding company benefits from the experience of its network of partners located in the areas where it owns its assets and who have been selected for their in-depth knowledge of the local market. It’s intended to a narrow circle of investors (< 150). Accompanied legally at all stages of its operations, the company implements strategies to contribute to long-term value creation while pooling risks. The main risk factors are those that are likely to cause a decline in value due to changes in real estate markets. It should be noted that since most investments are made internationally, currencies risk also exists.

Positions on the holding are held for an unlimited period, with the possibility of partial or total surrender at any time under certain conditions.