Why invest in North America?

The United States is the scene of many opportunities to seize, created by the recovery of real estate value damaged by the subprime crisis. From large coastal cities to inner cities, existing homes are becoming scarce for both buyers and tenants. The scarcity of the available goods causes a bidding effect on the market, and the historically low property rates incite the interested parties to rent, triggering in passing a fierce competition to obtain a lease. Without being linear, US growth continues its course, confirmed by several good figures of activity. Thanks to a sharp rebound in the manufacturing and mining industry, industrial production is announced on the rise, and according to several indices, consumer confidence in real estate has begun to recover thanks to a significant increase in consumer spending intentions. in the United States. For its part, the Canadian real estate market has not been damaged in the last decade and has even seen its prices rise sharply. However, they remain affordable in some cities such as Montreal, although the upscale sector is booming.

Montreal, $415 465

Quebec, $412 000, return: 4%

Quebec, $258 000, return: 3,2%

New York, $999 000

Montreal, $1 500 000

New York, $600 000

Tampa, $475 000

West Palm Beach, $130 000, return: 5,2%

Memphis, $139 900, return: 9,5%

Dallas, $1 205 500, return 7,1%

Orlando, $166 400, return: 6,5%

New York, $447 000

Memphis, $82 022, return; 8,6%

Atlanta, $155 500 return: 6,4%

Atlanta, $135 500, return: 8%

Miami, $1 999 000

Miami, $2 995 000

PS : The main risk factors are real estate risks, which are likely to cause a fall in value due to changes in the real estate markets. Since most investments are made internationally, currency risk exists.
Prices are exclusive of lawyer fees.