Why invest in Asia-Pacific?

In general, South Asia is the epicenter of a tourist and economic boom. Over the past seven years, the tourism industry has outperformed the rest of the economy, positively impacting growth. The number of travelers from China is constantly growing and spreading throughout the region, spending more than the nationals of any other nation. They fill hotels, buses and cruise ships. The Chinese clientele is turning airports and stations to maximum capacity.

Our programs are built according to international standards of tourism, in strategically selected tropical paradises.

Thailand – ACHARA VILLAS, a profitable real estate investment in the heart of Lamai district on Koh Samui island

Thailand – property from 68 000 €, guaranteed profitability 10%

Bali – property from € 127,500, guaranteed profitability 10%

Cambodia – property from 75 000 €, guaranteed profitability 10%

Philippines – upscale properties from € 215,000, guaranteed profitability 10%

PS: The main risk factors are real estate risks, which are likely to cause a fall in value due to changes in the real estate markets. Since most investments are made internationally, currency risk exists.