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Arborella Europe

Arborella Europe

Arborella Europe SAS (a French company) was created to harvest forests in France and Romania and produce and sell wood derived products such as Biochar and wood charcoal.

The current conditions and our partner's considerable experience in the wood and wood products market enable you to diversify your assets with peace of mind and benefit from real economic opportunities while participating in the third industrial revolution.

Arborella Europe enables you to invest in the harvesting of high-quality forests and the growth of activity which respects the environment.



Type of investment: Forestry, production of Biochar and wood charcoal

Period for which shares are held: At least until 1 January 2022

Minimum amount of subscription: 5 shares, each worth EUR 1,000, i.e. EUR 5,000.



A favoured framework for French tax residents.


Main risk factors:

The company's activity benefits from a legislative and economic framework which offers high operational security. However, this investment is still subject to the risks inherent in investment capital activity, including the risks of a lack of liquidity and insolvency of the company and the risks associated with the investment vehicle.