Return SCPIs

Return SCPIs

An SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier, or Property Investment Partnership) is a type of French company which is used to purchase and manage rental properties. Each member holds a very low percentage of the company's property portfolio and receives a share of the rent payments based on the number of shares they own.


A Return SCPI allocates a regular income to the partners. The assets of this SCPI consist of offices, warehouses or business premises in Paris, the Paris region or the major regional motropolises, or on the outskirts of big cities. These premises are rented out to companies, well-known retailers, traders or authorities.



The lifetime of a return SCPI is generally over 50 years. The advantages of SCPIs are many and varied. The first is their accessibility. Shares in SCPIs are affordable for a large number of private induviduals, as their purchase price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. For those who seek a 'safe' additional income, the return is often excellent. The shareholder invests without having to worry about management, which is the responsibility of the property professional through whom he invested. He can diversify his holdings and pool his risks because of the geographical and sectorial distribution of the premises and activities concerned. Finally, he can also buy shares in an SCPI with a loan.


Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.