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Didier Maurin Finance, which specialises in financial investment consulting in France and abroad and boasts over 25 years' experience and independence, offers you numerous asset diversification opportunities with a wide range of bespoke investment solutions. At your request, Didier Maurin Finance can also conduct studies with a view to set up companies.

Didier Maurin Finance has formed a partnership with several dozen financial institutions around the world. Their involvement in the major international markets yields a wide range of solutions which will enable you to realise your investment project easily, regardless of how much capital you have. We will help you choose the most successful financial products from a top of the range selection.

To make the most of an asset, it takes patience, thought, tenacity and good judgement. Our firm has built its reputation on its perfect knowledge of the world of finance and its experience of stock exchange techniques. We will help you identify stocks with high rebound potential in a changing global economy and take advantage of the best opportunities of the moment.

To be protected and grow, assets need to be diversified. Our firm favours investments which offer an attractive return rather than a tax bonus that could be thrown into doubt when economic policies change. Our relashionship with our clients is based on trust, continuity and receptiveness. Our firm has robust professional guarantees in place. As well as holding professional indemnity insurance, we are also members of various professional associations which represent several hundred companies in France.


Didier Maurin is also managing director of Katleya Gestion in Geneva.